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Explain the process of building an agreement

גלובלינקס התחדשות עירונית / Explain the process of building an agreement

Our company offers its clients a structured work process to formulate an agreement with the company – designed to realize the best and highest quality urban renewal plans – TAMA 38 Amendment 3 (strengthening an existing structure) or TAMA 38 Amendment 2 (demolition and construction of a new building), with full transparency And full cooperation with the occupants of the building. This process does not require any monetary cost from the tenants, and includes, among other things, the following steps:


  • Preliminary consultation stage – Preliminary feasibility study of program implementation TAMA 38 in the building, testing Building plans and environmental development, presenting the initial plan for tenants, presenting alternatives and answering professional questions. This step is done in front of a building representative or a building authority appointed by the building to promote the building process.

  • Feasibility Study Phase – At this point, once the tenants have agreed to move from the feasibility study consultation phase, we conduct feasibility studies on all relevant levels – engineering, legal, taxation, planning, and more.

  • Formulating a Proposal for Execution – After weighing the data received during the testing phase, the proposal is submitted to tenants, including planning to strengthen the building / demolish it and rebuild it according to current plans and standards, as well as on-the-ground reality, the proposal will include: < / li>

In section 38 Amendment 1 and 3 – Strengthening and building additions


  • Introduce plans to expand the housing units,

  • Renovation of building facades

  • Infrastructure Switching

or Alternatively TAMA 38 Amendment 2 – Evacuation Construction.


  • Demolishing and rebuilding the building

  • New apartment plans

  • Conceptual programs for lobby and public areas

  • Parking Lot Plans

At this time, each of the GDPR alternatives are also shown:


  • Schedules

  • Specifications

  • Collateral

  • Work processes

  • Choosing an Associate Lawyer and Engineering Consultant to Support Tenants – As an integral part of the engagement process, it is important that tenants have professional support to represent the tenants’ interests. We prefer to work with experienced people who understand the different complexities of the process to reach clear and rapid understandings that will allow the process to materialize and turn from idea to reality. The tenants select professional support from the attorney and additional consultants as required by the company as an integral part of the contractual contract.

  • Forming a Contract Agreement – The Company, in collaboration with the Tenant Representative and the selected attorney, formulates a Contract Agreement and Advanced Programs which includes all project details and tenant rights. As part of the agreement, all contract details are discussed and we try to understand the full scenarios in the work process and all intend to embark on a project with a full understanding and agreement on the process in a way that the process will not go further down the road in the light of multiple owners, we view the agreement as an agreement where The joint project, and our job is to lead the project on its realization goal for the benefit of all parties.

  • Following the final wording of the final agreement, a final meeting is held with the tenants to present the agreement and receive all the tenants’ questions and issues, after which all the tenants and the company sign the agreement.

  • As much as a particular tenant refuses to sign, the company negotiates with him to help him remove objections and barriers . As needed later on, the company appeals to the Common House Superintendent to get his assistance to instruct an unsigned tenant to sign On the agreement and allow for the execution of the project.

The projects featured on the website have all been carried out in Israel - addressing issues of: National Outline Plan, Reinforcement, Conservation, Demolition and Construction of all the Group’s Companies and its stockholders.

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