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About Us

We at GlobaLinks Urban Renewal believe that through striking the proper balance between the professional dimension (outstanding professionals and suppliers, drill-down and attention to detail) and the personal dimension (service, attentiveness, caring, responsibility), our Company Vision can be accomplished: Creating a new, high-quality, modern living space while upholding the highest standards of design and construction, in order to provide our customers with the optimal living experience.

GlobaLinks Urban Renewal develops and builds projects in the Tel Aviv Metropolitan Area and the Sharon Region. These include design and construction of hundreds of apartments.

Our concept regarding enterprise in the field of urban renewal guides us on our journey toward consistent consolidation of the Company’s robust roots:

  • We are continually deepening our learning and consolidating our experience and specialization.
  • We place emphasis on the expertise of our employees, our professionals and the construction contractors, including specific specialization and experience in carrying out urban renewal projects.
  • Among our core values are the Company’s financial resilience and the Company’s capital base as the basis for growth.

These core values enable us to offer you peace of mind and certainty when we set about to build your new living space, while all the time providing professional support and personal attention every step of the way.

GlobaLinks is experienced in management of all of the aspects related to projects from their inception through to completion: beginning with the engineering design stage, the financing, taxation, legal support, marketing and sales, and through to management and execution. We offer a combination of management and engineering excellence, advanced building methods, quality and a personal touch.


  • Eran Altman, Partner-CEO – established and managed a real estate company dealing with National Outline Plans (TAMA). Rich experience in planning, managing, financing and execution of NOP projects. Has completed and delivered TAMA projects to tenants and buyers.

MBA, majoring in financing in 2005, extensive experience in finance and investment and management of numerous, diverse projects, management of work crews, lengthy service as VP in a leading investment house.

  • Menny Bar, Partner-CEO – initiated and managed TAMA projects including experience in management of the various execution stages and supervision of building contractors including finalizing and delivery of projects.

B.A. in Business Administration majoring in financing and licensed in management of investment portfolios. Served as the exclusive representative of the Global Sources Company in Israel – a media company traded on NASDAQ, including in its private financial markets and real estate investments in Israel.

  • Matan Hemo, Director – an attorney with extensive experience in financing real estate and in real estate enterprise both in Israel and in other countries. 18 years’ experience in setting up and management of companies, management of complex projects, including real estate projects and urban renewal projects.

Vision and Company Values ​​

We at GlobalLinks Urban Regeneration believe that thanks to the right combination of the professional dimension (excellent professionals and suppliers, decline and attention to detail) with the personal dimension (service, listening, caring, responsibility) the vision of the company that is : can be realized.

Creating a new, high-quality, modern living environment while adhering to the highest standards of design and construction, with the goal of providing the best living experience for the company’s customers .

Company management and staff strive to realize the company’s vision by embedding company values.

A personal example – is the cornerstone of the company’s good conduct, so we strive for the continuous improvement of each of us and the company as a non-stop growing and improving entity.

Leadership – The partners and company executives lead the company to the goal, initiating real estate projects while maintaining product quality, meeting schedule and the highest standards.

Integrity and Transparency – Maintaining the ethics and values ​​of the company on a personal and social level, reflecting and sharing the company’s customers with all relevant information where possible and in real time.

Professionalism – Employing high-quality consultants and professionals with experience and a high level of work. Careful work and detail drop in each of the parameters involved in initiating a project.

Attention – We approach our work with care, and commitment. The partners, employees of the company and its suppliers are geared to the needs of the company’s clients, realizing that engagement in real estate is one of the most important decisions of a family. Each project is personally managed by one of the partners, in collaboration with the company’s management team.

What sets us apart

When choosing a company from which you want to buy an apartment or carry out a project in the area of ​​urban renewal, it is difficult to know where to put the emphasis, and what to look at.

We want to share with you the insights gained in the company about the key points that are important to us in the field of urban renewal – for the company’s business success and a successful business for the customer.

At these key points, we focus and place emphasis on continuous improvement – to create our uniqueness and give our customers the security they have chosen right:

  1. Your peace of mind is a supreme value for us

We handle your most valuable and important asset and therefore:

  • We will be 100% responsible for everything we do.
  • Think about the small details for you, too.
  • We’ll see the information in a transparent and accurate way, and reality includes what’s unpleasant to hear.

The success for us is that you sleep peacefully with your choice of project.

  1. Your confidence along the way – it is a significant pillar for us

The company has proven financial strength that provides financial strength and security throughout.

The company is based on the high equity of the company owners

As a policy, we are a company with the greatest responsibility, both in the management of its projects and in the management of its capital.

  • We provide a wide range of safeguards as required at each stage of the project process.
  • We believe that a bank escort strengthens security and contributes to the success of the project, and therefore our working method is through a familiar “bank escort” with constant budgetary and professional control over project management.
  • We will work best to preserve your money and property.
  • Adhere to the various laws and regulations and not nailing corners at both the planning stage, both the execution phase and the legal engagement with the various entities that accompany each real estate project.
  1. There is a professional and a professional – and we strive to unite these qualities in our work
  • In the name of professionalism, we carefully select the consultants and planners for our projects
  • In the name of professionalism, we will make constant and careful coordination at all stages of the design, including engineering thinking on all solutions.
  • In the name of professionalism, we will closely monitor the construction phase and the various regulatory bodies on our behalf.
  • In the name of professionalism, we will invest energy above and beyond what is needed to plan ahead and not solve problems during execution.
  • In the name of professionalism, we will think beyond the legal and regulatory requirements of every home we design as if we were going to live in the home to have the best living space for you.

Uncompromising professionalism in our work will create the excellence we strive for as one of our corporate values.

  1. Service Consciousness, Operational Flexibility, and Personal Attitude:

Our team handles the work processes vis-à-vis buyers and tenants, all with close and professional support, which allows for the building of partnership and trust throughout, based on personal care on every issue regarding tenant welfare and quality of work.


  • We fund each project manager, personally accompanied by one of the partners, in order to maintain the professional knowledge accumulated in the company and transfer it to all projects.
  • A tenant relationship representative is available to every client of the company, and the company incorporates as part of its work methods, regular reports and status updates that allow its customers with all the information they need.
  • The company accompanies you at every stage of the process even after signing a contract with the company, and guides its customers about the processes they encounter for the first time, based on our accumulated experience and purpose to make it easier for you to understand the process.
  1. Because urban renewal is our specialty
  • The company is one of the oldest and largest companies in Israel in the field of urban renewal (TAMA 38) and currently manages many projects in major cities such as Tel Aviv, Ramat Gan, Herzliya, Raanana, Kiryat Ono, Hod Hasharon and more.
  • Urban Renewal Project – It’s an area of ​​expertise and not a regular real estate project, building tenants, sometimes moving into apartments, sometimes building in construction, we’re there, not just a construction company, but people, who care about people from the other side. li>
  • An urban renewal real estate project always requires confrontation with different complexities – in light of our many years of experience in the field of GDPR, we are prepared for any challenge that is required.
  • We know our tenants and our buyers personally
  • We know each project in detail

We are less good at words, and better at deeds, but want you to know that you are our clients at the center, all those qualities we are constantly improving to become our best partner for you.

And if you choose to give us your trust, we will ensure a comprehensive, responsible management process – responsible, respectful, fully committed to both the common path and the outcome.

Home Of Urban Renewal

GlobaLinks Urban Renewalis a leading veteran company in the business of initiation and management of real estate projects, with special emphasis on TAMA 38 projects.

Our company was one of the pioneers in the market and among the first to bring TAMA 38 projects to fruition, beginning with the submission stage, through obtaining the building permit and on to delivery of the apartments

Our company has proven experience in management and initiation of TAMA 38 projects with over 20 Urban Renewal Projects in central locations in the Tel Aviv Metropolitan Area and the Sharon Region.

This business was established out of the strategic realization of the importance of the National Outline Plan, TAMA 38, and its potential – both from the economic standpoints, as well as from the quality of life aspect for the apartment owners in the country’s center, and from the personal security aspect as well.

GlobaLinks Urban Renewal is always at the service of the tenants – a service representative maintains ongoing contact with representatives of the projects’ tenants for the design and building. Furthermore, the construction work is assigned a project manager and an architect/interior designer, who is responsible for designing the apartments and laying them out at the highest standard for the tenants. He is also responsible for providing solutions for tenants who seek to modify their apartment as part of the project.

Our primary goal is to create a new, high-quality living space, which will enable the tenants to take advantage of the various advantages of an apartment in a new building, while retaining the existing advantages – small number of neighbors and exclusive location in the town centers, near the culture and leisure centers.

The projects featured on the website have all been carried out in Israel - addressing issues of: National Outline Plan, Reinforcement, Conservation, Demolition and Construction of all the Group’s Companies and its stockholders.

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