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Mix of apartments for sale

Apartment Plan Status
Apartment area Floor No Of Rooms Type Of Apartment Apartment Number
Sold 10 1 64 3 3 standard 10/9
Sold 12 75 3 4 standard 10/11
In the marketing stage 72 143 Ground 5 Garden Apartment 10/13
In the marketing stage 79 151 Ground 5 Garden Apartment 12/13
Sold 12 74 4 3 standard 12/14
In the marketing stage 8 72 4 3 standard 10/15
Sold 12 88 4 4 standard 12/15
Sold 12 90 4 4 standard 12/16
Sold 11 76 4 3 standard 10/17
Sold 12 111 4 5 standard 12/17
In the marketing stage 9 92 5 4 standard 10/18
Sold 12 74 5 3 standard 12/18
Sold 11 101 5 4 standard 10/19
In the marketing stage 12 91 5 4 standard 12/19
In the marketing stage 11 91 5 4 standard 10/20
In marketing 12 111 5 5 standard 12/20
In marketing 8 6711010101 138 5 - 6 4 Duplex 10/21
Sold 12 105 153 5 - 6 5 Duplex 12/21
In marketing 67 130 6 5 penthouse 10/22
In marketing 77 124 6 5 penthouse 12/22

10-12 Shmuel Hanagid St, Herzliya

About the project:

In the heart of Herzliya, central location, on 10-12 Shmuel Hanagid Street, we are building a boutique urban renewal project.
We have devoted special attention to achieving an optimal floor plan for the apartment spaces. This includes detailed attention to the quality of life we will be delivering to our customers in each one of the apartments.
This project has allowed us to create a diverse mix of apartments – from compact, 3-room apartments through to family-friendly units with 4 and 5 rooms and even luxury penthouses, duplexes and garden apartments.
We have included premium packages in the apartment specifications – generous upgrades to make the landmark decision on buying an apartment that much easier for you.
The premium package includes a smart electricity system, ductless mini-split air conditioning, light blinds, plasterboard double ceiling including lighting, and so forth.

Impressive building – including an elevator and an attractive lobby.
Magnificent urban landscape framing the horizon and the nearby green spaces. The upper stories have a view to the sea.
Private ground-level parking for each apartment.
A public garden, landscaped and functional, for the enjoyment of the residents in the two buildings.

The secret to Herzliya’s charm is the unique blend it offers: plenty of cultural venues, top quality education, an extensive mix of businesses and a magnificent strip of beach. The development momentum in the city, its proximity to Tel Aviv and the transport networking with its neighboring cities all contribute toward accelerating the influx of newcomers to the city, making it a residential and investment magnet.
The project is being built in one of Herzliya’s most attractive locations – in the city center, just minutes away from Herzliya’s new center, Sokolov Street, the various leisure and entertainment venues, and within walking distance from Herzliya Park, the Sportek Sports Center, the Performing Arts Center and the Seven Stars Mall.
Spacious interior construction steeped in a peaceful, intimate atmosphere in the midst of one of Herzliya’s older, quiet neighborhoods. Parks and gardens in close proximity with broad, convenient streets nearby.
The project is zoned to the Hanadiv Elementary School and the Hanagid Secondary School.
Quick accessibility to the main exits from the city – the Coastal highway (Highway 2), Highway 531 and Ayalon (Highway 20), convenient for public transport and for the train.


Arik Bergner

City :



Apartments for sale in Herzliya, In marketing - under construction

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