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Mix of apartments for sale

Apartment Plan Status
Apartment area Floor No Of Rooms Type Of Apartment Apartment Number
Sold 12.5 90.2 5 4 4 rooms Model A 17
Sold 12.5 88.6 5 4 4 rooms Model B 18
Sold None 70.6 5 3 3-room apartment 19
Sold 21.6 106.8 5 5 5-room apartment 20
Sold 12.5 124 6 5 5-room apartment 21
In the marketing stage, for immediate population 22 142 6 5 Mini-Penthouse, 5 rooms 22
In the marketing stage, for immediate population 77 137 6 5 Reverse duplex, 5 rooms 23
In the marketing stage, for immediate population 155 120 7 5 Penthouse, 5 rooms 24

12 Eli Cohen St Raanana

About the project

Eli Cohen is a boutique urban renewal project in Raanana offering apartments for sale in the heart of this Pearl of the Sharon. The project includes the addition of 8 new apartments. The new boutique apartments being offered have all been architecturally designed in a contemporary style with a breathtaking layout, feature high-quality finishing, a rich specification, exceedingly attractive pricing and a high standard of construction.

The project is a Structural Reinforcement project – TAMA 38 Amendment 3 with additional construction of two and a half stories on an existing building. As part of the project, the existing tenants have received additional floorspace, the structure facades have been renovated and redesigned, balconies have been added, a new lobby has been built, all of the building’s infrastructures have been replaced and more. Once the construction process is completed in the coming months, the outcome will be a renovated building designed to advanced architectural standards, reinforced to withstand earthquakes.

One penthouse is still available for sale in the project, one 5-room apartment and one duplex

Eli Cohen is in a central location in the city in a quiet neighborhood on a dead-end street.
Most of the street’s buildings have been renovated and there has been an infusion of new, young population which has revitalized the area.

Raanana, Pearl of the Sharon – is developing at a breakneck pace, being one of the most attractive cities in the Sharon region. It is a magnet for young families seeking good quality of life alongside thriving community life.
Raanana has been resurgent in recent decades as good city management yielded tremendous strides forward in terms of education, sport, music, infrastructures and rapid growth of its industrial parks and employment opportunities.

The Eli Cohen project provides a high-quality living experience along with a central location in the heart of the city, in a leafy location surrounded by parks and gardens. The building is located in one of the older neighborhoods on a quiet street in the heart of the Pearl of the Sharon. The location of this boutique project enables direct accessibility to the main traffic thoroughfares. It is located within walking distance from green parks, community centers and 5 minutes away from the Raanana High-Tech Park.

Eli Cohen is a quiet dead-end street steeped in a peaceful, intimate atmosphere in one of Raanana’s older, quiet neighborhoods featuring spacious construction, gardens and broad convenient streets nearby.

Quick accessibility to the main exits from the city (Highway 531, Highway 4 and Ayalon (Highway 20), convenient for public transport and for the train.

General Information
Project architect – Ofer Segal
Project status: the structure skeleton has been completed, the project is in the final finishing stages within the apartments.






Ofer Segal


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