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GlobaLinks activities


  • TAMA 38 – Amendment 2 – Demolition and Construction

We are designing and constructing demolition projects and building a new building where all new building occupants receive a new apartment.

In the process, we take care of all the components from the stage of engagement with the building occupants, the planning and licensing of a new building, the construction of the project while adapting the apartments to the years needs of our clients through a tenant change architect and a variety of alternatives and options to choose from. Create the best and most suitable property for you.


  • TAMA 38 – Amendment 3 – Strengthening the building and building additions

We have extensive experience in earthquake reinforcement projects and building additions on the upper and ground floors. In the process we adapt the additions to your existing apartment, replace all the old building systems up to the development of the apartment, and devote a special effort to the visibility and enhancement of the public areas to bring your building to the best and highest quality possible place.


  • Funding for Tama 38 projects – Our financial back and experience – your quiet!

We at GlobalLinks Urban Renewal are honored to offer entrepreneurs and contractors high quality and varied financing solutions for executing and promoting TAMA 38 projects – strengthening buildings and evacuation. As part of the GlobalLinks Group Group, we are able to provide financial backing and financial strength for any of the following entrepreneurs and / or contractors interested in:

a. Selling a project / partnership on an existing project.

b. Financing / Project Financing Solutions Prerequisite:

1. Location of the project in the Gush Dan and Sharon area.

2. Priority for Tama 38/2 projects – construction evacuation.

3. The project is in advanced stages or before fees are paid.

Interested in financing the Tema 38 venture? Fill in your details and we will get back to you soon


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The projects featured on the website have all been carried out in Israel - addressing issues of: National Outline Plan, Reinforcement, Conservation, Demolition and Construction of all the Group’s Companies and its stockholders.

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