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TAMA 38 – Questions and Answers

גלובלינקס התחדשות עירונית / TAMA 38 – Questions and Answers

What is TAMA 38?

TAMA 38 is a th and a m th th plan that you wanted to strengthen existing earthquake structures approved by the Israeli government in 2005, and aims to strengthen buildings Old ones that were built before 1980, and therefore do not meet the stringent standard of protection as well as the strengthening of buildings against earthquakes (TA 413).

What is the difference between TAMA 38 Amendment 3 and TAMA 38 Amendment 2?

TAMA 38 Amendment 3 – includes strengthening an existing building against earthquakes and adding new floors to an existing building, while TAMA 38 Amendment 2 evacuation Construction is the demolition and construction of a new building.


Am I entitled to rights under the TAMA 38?

The rights granted by virtue of TAMA 38 are for buildings whose permit for construction was granted before 1980, the height of which exceeds two floors (ie, three stories and above).


What is the rights basket provided under the TAMA 38?

The addition of housing units to existing buildings under TAMA 38 is done in various forms such as, adding up to 2.5 floors in the area of the building, closing a pillar floor, adding a wing or demolishing the building and rebuilding it under the new TAM 38 Amendment 2 – Evacuation and Construction. In addition, the existing apartments can be increased by an additional 25 square meters and on a sun terrace.


How does Tama 38 help with urban renewal and improve the appearance of the building?

By new construction on the roof of prestigious roof apartments or demolition and rebuilding (TAMA 38 Amendment 2 – Construction Evacuation) The entire building is undergoing a major upgrade, both because of its strengthening, new systems and quality of life of the tenants. The “disappearance” of air conditioners from the facades of the building into decorative hiding places and the use of quality materials for the facade cladding completely change the shape and character of the building.


What is the relationship between strengthening the earthquake structure and its security protection?

Strengthening of a building against earthquakes can be combined with action to improve the protection of the building, by combining the realization of the rights under TAMA 38 with the establishment of a condominium protected space (mm) or common to the whole building. For example, within the realization of TAMA 38, an area of ​​up to 25 square meters can be added to the apartments – part of this area can be used as a dwelling protection area (mm). The entire height of the building – one on the roof of the other), can also be a constructive element that strengthens against earthquakes, and of course it is imperative to consult a licensed engineer for the best combination for your structure.
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